Acuver Family Outing: Chikmagalur

It was a 2-day trip to Chikmagalur with family. Our trip manager asked us to be at pick-up-point at 7 A.M considering the obvious delays that will be there.  Most of us made it along with few delays. All were in by 8 A.M, boarded the bus and we were on the way. The excitement resonated the feeling of school picnic with energetic kids and fun-filled Acuverites. We engaged in Antrakshari, Dumb charades, solved puzzles etc. We reached resort by 2:00 P.M.

Chikmagalur, a hill station, was a bliss in the nature with soothing effect on mind and body. We were given a warm welcome and sumptuous food was appetizing. Have a guess, which activity did we start with. Well no awards for that guess. For sure it’s cricket. Our players made it professional, teams were named ‘Bahubali’ & ‘Shimba’. They put up a thrilling match coupled with audience cheers and claps.

A bouquet of activity waited, and we headed for rain-dance. Though it was 05:00 P.M. and a bit cold we couldn’t stop kids from participating. They danced their best and elders followed in. Hold on we also had swimmers who headed for swimming and played pool volleyball.  Its was already 07:00 P.M. We were provided pool-side snacks and warm filter coffee.

Hold your breath, time to relax, we already have done so much since morning. People just sat down and were wondering what next. Then the bon-fire started with latest party song and all known steps were put to action.

To the north of Chikmagalur is Baba Budangiri, a mountain range in the Western Ghats, with 3 large caves said to be holy. Trails through forests and grasslands lead up to Mullayanagiri Peak. This definition describes trekking inevitable and we cannot contain ourselves, though the trails were scary, trekkers paved their way. Wallpaper of our laptops describing nature turned into reality. We could see the part of nature we miss while juggling between tabs of our screen.

While at work we often miss out time with kids.  Its was blessing to see them enjoying amidst nature, something that rarely happens in cities. With designated play area for kids, parents were least worried about them getting hurt. Nature is a good teacher for both children and adults. Went into nature while cycling with our kids.

Chirping birds served as alarm for next day morning. Opening eyes in the nature’s lap breathing fresh “oxygenated” air gave a feeling to be there forever. But it’s time to pack-up. We got ready and had luscious and delectable breakfast. On way back, we stopped by Hebbe Falls lie in an area of coffee plantations. We wanted to enjoy a little more, got an opportunity in form of boating and having luscious ice cream. All done we headed back home, a fun-filled memorable trip enjoyed to the fullest.

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While the enthusiasm and freshness in mind prepares us for the coming year. We wish everyone a fun-filled, successful 2019. Happy New year!

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