Data Visualization

Data Visualization

About the Book

Learn Data Visualization: Storytelling Using Data

The book explains data insights through visuals and shows how to make them compelling and comprehensible through a series of real-world examples. It provides a roadmap that covers everything from understanding ‘why data visualization and storytelling are important to learning ‘how to visualize data and communicate it to an audience effectively’.
The book attempts to provide students and industry professionals with a practical method for mastering data storytelling skills. The concepts and examples presented will help intermediate and advanced users to learn how to think with data, the know-how of data visualization, as well as telling a story with data on real-life business problems. This book can be used to learn as well as teach basic concepts of data visualization and data storytelling.

The book is co-authored by Sharada Sringeswara, Purvi Tiwari, and Prof. U Dinesh Kumar. The sequence of chapters is designed to create a strong foundation for the learners. The first few chapters cover the Introduction to Visualization, Importance of Visualization and Storytelling, and the later chapters build on the concepts learned in the previous chapters, discussed over seven chapters in 250-plus pages of content. The book includes Python Codes, Tableau Workbooks, and Data Sets.

About the Author

Sharada Sringeswara is an Associate partner at Acuver consulting private limited and a consultant at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore – Data Centre and Analytics Lab (IIMB-DCAL). Currently, she is pursuing Ph.D. in Information System and Analytics at the Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli. An alumnus of BITS Pilani and IIMB with over 20 years of experience in leading IT development organizations and delivering IT products. A seasoned analytics executive with hands-on and leadership experience in building business models with an understanding of the digital technology landscape. As a data enthusiast, she brings in product leadership by balancing knowledge and experience in data science and software engineering. She has worked with companies like Walmart, Tesco, Sterling Commerce, Wipro, and Future Group.

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