IBM Sterling Order Management

A reliable omnichannel order management application is a connected and integrated system that synchronizes departments and capacities and directs information where it is most useful to enhance operational performance and incrementally drive-up profitability.

Meet complex order management challenges and high customer expectations with IBM Sterling Order Management solutions. It lets you orchestrate your entire fulfilment network with powerful core capabilities and next-level options.


Acuver Consulting Cantralised Platform

Centralized Platform

A seamless multi-channel experience to your customer

Orchestrate a centralized platform for managing and fulfilling orders with a full view of precise inventory and location details. Manage your entire supply chain while integrating a seamless line of multiple capture-points in order to enhance order management for all your customers. Choose between allocation optimizations based on cost, distance or time, the one which makes sense to your business.

Acuver Consulting End to End

End-to-End Management

Optimize Supply-Chain Capabilities in Real-Time

Make the best use of highly scalable supply chain capabilities to set pricing, enhance promotions and manage deliveries in real-time with a complete view of global shipment and inventory.

Acuver Consulting Customised Monitoring

Customize Monitoring & Alerts

Real-time monitoring and timely security updates

Utilize superior IBM Order Management capabilities to monitor real-time alerts in order to highlight or predict interventions as required. Orders are managed and work is assigned in accordance with customer requirements.

Acuver Consulting Flexibile Digital Commerce Processes

Flexibile Digital Commerce Processes

Design Intelligent Customer-Centric Order Delivery Journeys

Offer ample choice and flexibility in fulfilment with options like buy online – pick at the store, ship to home, ship to store, fulfil from the store and endless aisle. Coordinate with internal and external resources to deliver on order promise.

Acuver Consulting Customer Drivin 1

Customer-Driven System

Manage Customer Lifecycle with Reverse Logistics

Set-up and regulate flexible business rules to manage return, exchange, repair and service requests across locations and partners. Track a sale across its lifecycle for greater business intelligence.

Acuver Consulting Advance Technology

Advance Technology

Smarter Integration of Services and Deliveries

Enhance your existing business structure by smartly integrating an advanced e-commerce engine. This will assist you in procuring orders faster, catalogue pricing and promotions in real-time while dispatching payments and invoices efficiently.

Acuver Consulting Image 9
End-to-End Visibility
Provides a personalized dashboard for end-to-end visibility of all internal and external data that enables real-time analysis of all information related to your organisation.
Acuver Consulting Image 8
Smart Prediction Of Disruptions
Save significant time and effort through smarter predictions of supply-chain disruptions by drilling down complex data and flagging relevant events.
Faster Response to Exceptions
Identify root causes of all interruptions and manage exceptions quicker through AI recommended resolutions.
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Singular Integrated Platform
The integrated IBM Supply Chain Suite equips businesses with the benefits of Watson AI that connects all critical data, business networks and supply chain processes under one umbrella platform.


Acuver can optimize your supply-chain ROI with IBM Sterling

Acuver has 2000+ hours of consulting experience across industries and is well versed with consumer sentiment in diverse domains ranging from Retail, FMCG, CPG, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals to Emerging Technologies. Our commitment to quality at an atomic level and commitment to supply-chain excellence drives our growing customer base of globally acclaimed brands.

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