Comprehensive eCommerce marketplace integration solution by Acuver Consulting, an expert in supply chain management. Ensure swift entry into marketplaces of your choice to sell more and earn more. Leverage the power of our MPI+, a robust, plug-and-play solution to sell more while increasing your brand’s online visibility. It offers a truly omnichannel experience with seamless order orchestrations across large and niche eCommerce marketplaces. With real-time visibility into inventory, orders, and logistics, you can process, track, and fulfill orders across all the connected marketplaces.

Why MPI+ ?

Built with cutting-edge technologies and highly scalable architecture

Designed to meet your business performance, cost, timeline, and scalability needs with a new-gen microservices architecture​

Includes business observability capabilities powered by AI

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Offers you next-gen omnichannel capabilities

Pre-integrated with leading eCommerce platforms, logistics providers & ERP Applications

Business & Operational benefits

Quickly aboard new marketplaces, boost online visibility​

Witness improved
operational efficiency with automation​

Ensure flawless supply
chain management

Gain insights into key
metrics, make data-driven decisions

Target new customers,
sell more for increased profitability

Key result to achieve from WMS

Integrated inventory management

MPI+ syncs your online store inventory with orders you receive across major eCommerce marketplaces. Powered by an intelligent proration logic, it dynamically allocates inventory to faster selling/better-performing channels.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of your inventory with real-time alerts
  • Track/update/restock your inventory across multiple channels from a single platform
  • Increase sales and margins with multichannel pricing insights
  • Reduce the chances of selling outdated products with FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO

Robust warehouse management

Efficient warehouse management is critical to the success of your eCommerce retail enterprise. Our solution enables you to centrally manage tasks, including tracking inventory levels and stock locations.
  • Gain total control over your inventory, from receiving to shipping
  • Ensure multi-location warehouse management centrally
  • Have item-level visibility with RFID, barcode, and weighing scale integration
  • Efficiently allocate labor to optimize process and productivity

Centralized order management & fulfillment

MPI+ has the capabilities to help you automate and track the entire order management process across every step of the order journey – right from the moment the order is placed and till it gets delivered to the customer.
  • Manage orders across various marketplaces and channels with a unified dashboard
  • Quickly generate and capture invoices across eCommerce sites in real-time
  • Process orders faster for on-time delivery & increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate manual processes to reduce error and increase efficiency

Smooth returns management

Make your returns management and reverse logistics a breeze. Efficiently track the process from the moment a customer raises a return/replace request until you collect and restock that product with the required speed, visibility, and control.
  • Track your returns across various channels via a single platform
  • Ensure faster TAT – for collecting the returned product & delivering the replacement order
  • Gain flexibility to fulfill partial returns of orders
  • Leverage an error-free process to enhance customer experience

End-to-end logistics management

Efficiently manage logistics, a key component of your supply chain management. With our agile logistics engine, MPI+ handles the flow of goods from the supply source to customers and vice versa in case of returns/replacement requests.
  • Work with leading/reliable logistics provider for seamless movement of goods
  • Reduce shipping costs through intelligent route planning
  • Gain access to e2e delivery tracking data to stay informed
  • Optimize operational costs while improving customer satisfaction

Proactive anomaly detection

MPI+ leverages our AI-powered full-stack business observability platform to help you maintain a resilient supply chain ecosystem while avoiding loss of business and unhappy customers.
  • Gain insights into various factors leading to anomalies in your operations
  • Quickly analyze and address potential risks with informed decisions ​
  • Spot inconsistencies in order, shipment, delivery, etc.,
  • Deal with customer escalations faster and retain their loyalty

Reliable finance and accounting solution

MPI+ makes invoicing and financial accounting faster and easier by syncing orders, inventory, payments, and returns in real-time. It helps you detect and plug revenue leakage across all internal systems to increase profitability.
  • Gain clarity on profitability via finance & accounting reconciliation
  • Ensure error-free accounting on all transactions across connected marketplaces
  • Become compliant with local taxation and accounting regulations

Why Acuver?​​

Over the past ten years, Acuver has empowered retailers around the globe with results-oriented supply chain solutions. The perfect blend of domain and technical proficiency enables us to provide end-to-end supply chain management services to 60+ globally leading retail brands. By combining industry-relevant domain expertise, and cutting-edge technology, our talented professionals create best-in-class solutions. These solutions provide sustainable competitive advantage to businesses allowing them to thrive in a competitive market.

Extensive retail and supply chain experience

Seasoned professionals with extensive global exposure

Focus-based, agile approach towards solution development

Global Consumers served already

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a marketplace integration software?

A marketplace integration software is a result-oriented supply chain solution that enables robust API integrations with leading eCommerce marketplaces for businesses to glean real-time visibility into eCommerce operations. It connects product data and inventory to eCommerce platforms and facilitates proactive, autonomous monitoring of operational metrics — thereby, empowering businesses to deliver a truly omnichannel experience and boost operational efficiency.

2. Why should you integrate your eCommerce store with marketplaces?

The global eCommerce market is growing at an exponential pace as businesses are increasingly accelerating towards a digital structure. It is estimated that eCommerce sales will hit a whopping US$ 350 billion by 2030. Surveys show that 95% of all purchases will be conducted through eCommerce channels by the year 2040. For businesses looking to gain a competitive edge in the market, solidify digital presence, and boost overall revenue, a marketplace integration software presents itself as an intelligent and agile one-stop solution to help you connect with potential customers on the marketplaces they love.

Outperform key market players with Acuver’s AI-driven next-gen MPI+ that allows seamless automation of retail processes for hassle-free order, inventory, and logistics management.

3. How does MPI+ benefit your business?

MPI+ is a robust, plug-and-play, new-gen marketplace integration software that allows you PROCESS, TRACK, and FULFILL orders across leading marketplaces via seamless, real-time order, inventory, and logistics orchestration. Developed by market veterans carrying close to a decade of deep domain expertise in delivering empowering supply chain solution, MPI+ enables –
  • Seamless inventory management via accurate and real-time visibility into inventory levels
  • Centralized order management and shipping by helping you effortlessly capture, track, and fulfil orders across multiple sales channels
  • Hassle-free returns management via streamlined reverse logistics operations
  • End-to-end logistics management through access to an extensive global shipping network
  • Robust warehouse management by streamlining warehouse operations and maintenance, and
  • Proactive anomalies detection via an AI-powered Full stack Business Observability platform so you can identify issues before they escalate further
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