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Acuver offers multi-faceted Quality Assurance and testing services to make sure that the products or services you launch are functioning at their best. With the latest testing tools and our own Swift Automation Framework, we offer you the capability to implement or sell technology products with confidence. We help in resolving any bugs identified and building a solution that meets the highest quality standards.

QA Consultation

We stand out in delivering bespoke QA solutions that are aligned with our client’s business objectives. We guarantee quality outcomes that help our clients optimize their software development processes, reduce costs, and drive innovation.

Functional QA services

Our functional testing services are tailored to the needs of the retail industry, with expertise in OMS and WMS systems. We leverage our expertise in test planning, execution, and reporting to
identify and resolve functional defects early in the development cycle.

Technical QA services

Our technical QA services focus on automation and performance testing, leveraging the latest tools and frameworks to ensure optimal test coverage and speed. With extensive experience in working with different tools and technologies, we help clients optimize their testing strategies, reduce manual effort, and improve the accuracy and reliability of their testing processes.

Usability QA services

Our focus on usability ensures that software products are intuitive, user-friendly, and meet the needs of diverse user groups, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. We use a combination of user testing, heuristic evaluation, and expert analysis to identify usability issues and recommend improvements.

Product QA services

Our product QA services are designed to ensure that in-house-built retail products meet the desired quality standards. Our focus on product quality and attention to detail ensures that retail organizations can confidently launch their products, leading to higher customer satisfaction and business growth.

Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way!

We work closely with clients to ensure quality assurance in their supply chain management services and solutions. We establish and enforce quality control processes, perform regular inspections and audits, collaborate closely with suppliers and external stakeholders, and continuously work to improve and adapt to changing demand in the market.

Order Management

We ensure accuracy, timeliness, and customer satisfaction while minimizing errors, delays, and inefficiencies throughout the order fulfillment process.
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Warehouse Management

We ensure product integrity, inventory accuracy, and customer satisfaction while minimizing waste and costs through effective warehouse practices.
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Inventory Visibility

We ensure accurate tracking, forecasting, and optimization of inventory levels, minimizing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.
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Last Mile Fulfillment

We ensure on-time deliveries, customer satisfaction, and cost-effective operations, by minimizing errors and delays.
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