Leverage atomic control and pixel-perfect clarity on your customer’s journey with SAP C/4HANA, the customer experience suite that gives you a unified view into the data streams coming from the customer, your operations and your delivery cycle.

Acuver Consulting SAP C4 HANA

The CX Cloud

Acuver Consulting SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud

Multi-channel marketing solutions to optimize visibility and generate leads

SAP marketing cloud creates a unified view of customers as well as anonymous visitors based on data provided consensually and historical records. This allows for effective segmenting, relevant targeting, enhanced connect across channels and successful conversions.

Acuver Consulting SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud

Create a coherent and captivating market for your customers across channels

Use a single simplified commerce solution to support all your complex offerings across various go-to-market lanes while empowering commerce teams with data-driven synergy. SAP Commerce Cloud covers all aspects of commerce from cart checkout to cross-sell promotions. Prebuilt-integrations and specialized functions by industry allow to design a uniquely competent commerce model.

Acuver Consulting SAP Customer Data Cloud

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Build fulfilling customer relationships even before they begin

SAP’s Customer Data Cloud, caters to seamless customer onboarding, transactions and service journey. Understand visitors and customers in depth through social media and offer contextualized and hyper-relevant experiences. The stack is designed to radically ease identity lifecycle management with sensitivity towards data-privacy and trust concerns, and ensuring compliance.

Acuver Consulting SAP Service Cloud 2

SAP Sales Cloud

Empower your sales team to deliver superior performance

Optimize pricing and quotes for specific scenarios even as you safeguard profits through AI insights. Easily manage your sales team, partners and their commissions in complex systems giving reps real time visibility into targets and facilitating quick resolution of disputes. With SAP Sales Cloud, you can recognize potential revenue to tweak deal-making strategies in real time.

Acuver Consulting SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud

Be accessible to answer your customer’s needs anywhere, anytime

Everything in the SAP Clouds is about uniting information and creating a larger picture to inform the best customer experience, which plays out in Service Cloud too. With customer history and preferences easily accessible, you unlock the opportunity to resolve customer issues with exceptional quality and speed. Besides omnichannel portals backed by your experts, leverage conversational bots and self-service to augment efficiencies.


Acuver can unlock peak-performance with SAP innovations

Acuver has consulting experience across industries and is well versed with consumer sentiment in diverse domains ranging from Retail, FMCG, CPG, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals to Emerging Technologies. Our commitment to quality at an atomic level and pervasive attitude of co-creating CX drives our growing customer base of globally acclaimed brands.
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