From Silos to Success: The Importance of Seamless Integration for Businesses Today

Time: 6:15 pm (IST)


In the ever-evolving world of retail, achieving success hinges on the ability to connect the right customers with the right products at the right time and price. However, this task is far from simple. The realm of competition has become increasingly fierce, encompassing areas such as personalization, front-end shopping experiences, influencer marketing, and customer data utilization. To make matters more challenging, the task is further complicated by the complexity of multiple systems and data silos. Therefore, seamless integration of retail systems is paramount in aggregating customer data and providing a holistic 360-degree customer view. By efficiently connecting data and applications, we can unify product information, pricing, promotion, inventory, order status, and shipping details onto an integrated platform, enabling us to drive high-quality customer engagements.

Join our webinar series as we delve into the significance of this seamless connection of data and applications, showcasing how it unifies various aspects of retail to foster exceptional customer interactions.

Tips and Tricks to ACE Your Supply Chain Restrains!

In the first webinar, we will be covering the following details


Explain the need for a modern integration platform explaining integration challenges with reference to few real customer’s requirements.


Explain what customers are looking for and the success criteria of a modern integration platform.


Acuver’s solution approach and design thought process to solve the integration challenges.

Pradeep CS

Pradeep CS



Pradeep CS has over 17 years of expertise in the retail and supply chain sectors. He has played a critical role and made important contributions in areas of product engineering, working with giant corporations redefining their architecture, design and development space.

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