The Big Day – Acuver Family Outing

As a part of our employee engagement activity, the Acuver team recently went for a fun outing for two days at Palm Meadows Club, a luxury resort in the outskirts of Bangalore. At Acuver, we understand the value of a family and the support they provide to the employee to help them excel in the workplace, hence as a token of gratitude, we invited all our employees along with their family. While some came with their spouses and children, few came with respected parents. The entire event was planned out well in advance where employees, along with their family members, actively participated in team-building activities and games. It was a great way to relax, enjoy and have fun for the entire Acuver family. “I didn’t know my dad would enjoy so much playing games, thank you Acuver,” said an employee while another colleague mentioned, “My mom was happy to be a part of it. Ever since she has come back from the event, she has been chatting about it to all her friends!”

And here’s some more from our colleagues…

“All the activities were thoughtfully designed so that everyone stays engaged. That’s what I liked most about this outing.”

“It was a great opportunity for us to get up, close, and personal with our colleagues. Although we meet every day, we hardly get a chance to know each other. This was the perfect way to know each other informally. I am sure this will help to make our team stronger.”

“The fact that our family was invited too was really a wonderful gesture shown by the organization. I felt proud to bring my spouse to the event. She enjoyed it thoroughly.”

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