Balancing motherhood with a thriving career at Acuver

I am Neha Dwivedi, Senior Consultant at Acuver, a workplace that allowed me the flexibility to nurture my child as well as accelerate my career.

This March I celebrate one year of working with Acuver and I rest assured that my career is on the growth trajectory. A truly nurturing career is where the delicate balance between high performance and low pressure is achieved. At Acuver, my peers and managers have always encouraged me to learn more and do more, without any pressure.

Last year, my daughter was only one-year-old when I embarked on a job search. Without any spare hands at home, I needed to be there for my daughter as well as focus on my career. I needed a company where I could get flexible work timings, where I would be valued for my aptitude and output and not just for being present nine to five. A few of my friends who were working at Acuver recommended the workplace. I have fond memories of my conversation with Sahiba Singh, Chief People Officer, during the interview. When I said that “I am a mother”, her response was “so am I!”, erasing the creases in my brow.

I give my job by 100% and in turn, Acuver trusts me with the flexibility that I need in order to flourish. Women juggle many responsibilities between house, family, children, and career. Without a supporting employer, it is impossible to emerge successfully as a working woman today. March 8 was International Women’s Day, and the theme this year was #EachforEqual. Each for equal stands for a gender-equal world- an environment that does everything so that no one is held back from an opportunity because of their gender.

In all that I have experienced here, Acuver is all for equal. More than 33% of employees in Acuver are women, spanning across all roles from leadership to managerial, technical and operational. I have seen Acuver take an active interest in identifying all employees’ interests and creating an environment catering to fulfillment, growth and work-life balance. The culture here is of openness and diversity, where everyone is accepted and respected for who they are and given room to grow into.

The peace of mind that comes with job satisfaction is also conducive to having the energy to invest in hobbies and personal growth. I am a dancer deep down, and I relish my weekends taking dance classes for children in my neighborhood and playing basketball. Writing is another love of mine, and I blog about my motherhood experiences here. The happiness that comes from these little pleasures, allows me to return to work rejuvenated and do my best every time.

I must add, putting in the diligent effort is always appreciated at Acuver. Here’s what my Manager, has to say about me: “Neha is my go-to-person when I need someone to take initiatives and firefight. She is a cherished resource and always delivers way more than expected.” This makes me beam with pride, naturally!

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