At Acuver, we strive to become socially responsible by undertaking a host of Corporate Social Responsibility activities and giving back to the community by behaving ethically. And to some extent, we have been successfully doing it by integrating environmental and social objectives with our organization’s mission and vision. It led us to set up Acuver Foundation, built on three pillars – Caring, Sharing, and Nurturing.


Acuver Foundation was born with one objective –  to become “socially responsible” while pursuing goals that positively impact the place and people around us. CSR is not just a term for us. It is in our DNA and is ingrained in our policy. The overarching objective of everything we do at Acuver Foundation is to support the well-being of society by focusing on Education, Food & Shelter, and Environment.

The three major areas that we focus on are:


Irrespective of a child’s family background and environment, the significance of education cannot be undermined and compromised. We understand that this is the highest form of empowerment we can provide to the needy section of our society. 

Acuver Foundation is devoted to building educational infrastructure for those who have been neglected due to extreme poverty in the rural and suburban areas. Our aim here is to help them become better citizens and financially self-sufficient by providing them access to the quality education they deserve.

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Food & Shelter

Food and shelter are two crucial necessities for those living in extreme poverty. As if the existing difficulties were not enough, the pandemic worsened the whole situation.

At Acuver Foundation, we have a solid mandate to work toward this. We are doing our best to make significant investments in food stamps and emergency food assistance services. Our goal is to alleviate hunger and help the marginalised section with the bare minimum shelter facilities.

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We all have the right to live in a healthy and beautiful environment. It is all about the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. If we don’t take care of the environment, who else will do it?

Acuver Foundation aspires to play a significant part in conserving the environment, which is currently in peril due to global warming and climate change. And we aim to do so by educating today’s youth toward creating a cleaner, greener, and safer world.

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For more details regarding the activities of the Foundation, visit  https://acuverfoundation.org/