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Acuver Fuelling Supply Chain Innovation to the Path to Success

For years since its inception, Acuver Consulting Pvt. Ltd has gone from being just another tech start-up to revolutionizing the challenge of providing hustle-free and seamless supply chain optimization in India and abroad. Our efforts have been central to thrusting clients’ business continuity and helping them overcome supply chain challenges while maintaining an agile and collaborative approach to create customized solutions in the digital value chain.

Our Goal

It is to navigate the upward growth in digital commerce avenues and pioneer the next generation in supply chain technology to create a coherent experience for our esteemed clientele in Single & Multi-Brand Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Consumer Goods etc., across geographies.
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Why Acuver

Acuver Consulting Name

The Name Acuver

The name Acuver comes from Acu (Accuracy) and Ver (Veracity). It stands for our brand motto and also signifies our approach to empathise with clients’ concerns, synchronise our expertise accordingly, and provide accurate solutions
based on our years of experience
and accumulated insights.
Acuver Consulting Leadership

The Dynamic Leadership

Incepted in 2013, Acuver Consulting is spearheaded by Sunny Nandwani (Founder and Managing Director) and Satyajit Jena (Co-founder and Associate Partner). Acuver has successfully executed 75+ projects providing services to its fast-growing clientele across countries.
Acuver Consulting Driven to Deliver

Driven to Deliver their Best

Each individual at Acuver is driven to deliver their best, for we foster team effort to meet the dynamic demands of customers across the globe. Additionally, we also believe that diversification empowers us to offer enhanced strategic solutions to companies with sustainably managing the entire lifecycle from order management to delivery.
Acuver Consulting Acuver is an umbrella

Acuver is an Umbrella

Acuver is now an umbrella hub for all noble supply chain services from Order Management, Omni-channel Fulfilment, and Supply-Chain Visibility to Warehouse & Inventory Management, and implementing BI Solutions.
Acuver Consulting The Trust

The Trust

With the trust of our clients and our technical diligence, we innovate solutions that reduce cost, exemplify performance and propagate returns of clients across the world.

Journey and Milestones

Acuver Consulting Milestone


100M+ Global
Focus Based
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Accreditations and certifications

Acuver is globally recognized and trusted service provider

Acuver Consulting Accrediation
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME
Awards 2023.
Great Place to Work® for women -
Great places to work / Acuver Consulting
Great Place to Work® -
Exemplary Leadership Award
by ET Ascent
Certificate of Excellence awarded
by CEO Magazine
Membership Certificate
Membership Certificate
Technology award @Inflection Awards - Marketplace Solution of the year (MSME) 2021
Enterprise Integration Technology Leadership Award @MSC Summit 2021
Gold partner
Technology award @Inflection Awards - Marketplace Solution of the year (MSME) 2021
Technology award @Inflection Awards - Marketplace Solution of the year (MSME) 2021
Enterprise Integration Technology Leadership Award @MSC Summit 2021