Future-Proof Your Organization with Strategic Upskilling and Reskilling Initiatives – Edition 2

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The first edition explored strategic upskilling and reskilling to empower a resilient and adaptive workforce. We dived, along with our readers, into cutting-edge insights for organizational readiness. The second edition is focused on the Acuver differentiation in upskilling and reskilling.

At Acuver, we strongly believe in nurturing the potential and capabilities of each of our valued employees at every level, and we are committed to helping each individual reach their fullest potential. We believe that each person within our organization plays a crucial role in delivering our signature customer satisfaction, and we genuinely appreciate their contributions. Our strategic planning and efforts on employee growth and sustainability goes beyond their professional expertise, encompassing their entire personality.

We offer year-round opportunities for continuous improvement, tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Our customized training programs focus on enhancing both technical and interpersonal skills. These initiatives have empowered our employees to continually enhance and adapt their abilities, making them the new age, supply chain consultants that they are.

How is Acuver making a difference?

Encourage self-led career development:

Acuver believes in its people’s potential and wants to help them shine. They can earn certifications and badges to boost their recognition within the company, enhancing their integration into our company culture. We support their professional journeys with access to advanced technical courses and also cover the cost of their certification fees. We don’t let our people’s skill development plans hold back their earning potential. We encourage continuous learning, which not only benefits individual projects but also enhances teamwork and collaboration. Their success is our success.

Capability-based promotion:

Acuver has a long history of recognizing and rewarding employees who make great things happen. Ours is a culture of nurturing the growth of high-performing individuals with significant potential by providing them with early opportunities for greater responsibilities. This practice fosters excellence, as employees are motivated to give their best, knowing that their good work will be duly recognized and rewarded. We also have capability-based promotions, including double promotions for deserving employees, setting a benchmark for progress that all our team members can aspire to.


At Acuver, we allow employees to cross-train in other roles that require skill sets similar to their current ones. This helps them learn on the job and refine their skills and make them ready for higher and evolving roles. For example, an expert in OMS Sterling can learn and upskill in Artificial Intelligence (AI), a demanding skill in the market now. This not only helps the individual learn new skills but also prepares them to be future ready.

Knowledge Premium League:

Acuver’s Knowledge Professional Learning (KPL) platform, is a dynamic, annual 3–4-month upskilling program. Employees are organized into teams led by Captains and Vice-Captains who are evolving in their roles. Every month, participants undergo diverse technical and soft skills training, earning points based on their team’s engagement and completed assignments. The KPL Marathon culminates with the team earning the highest points winning the coveted trophy for the year.

This competitive training platform motivates employees to reskill and upskill while providing access to high-quality content and tools, accelerating career progression. Our people have flexible learning options, including online, classroom-based, and blended approaches. KPL focuses on cultivating sustainable expertise through three key methods: learning by doing, guided learning, and knowledge sharing. As part of our strategic planning, our technical leads and managers create tailored training courses that include:  

  1. Technical and Soft Skills Course – Customised for every individual role
  2. Case Studies for Solution and Technology Courses
  3. Leadership Series – Focused on behavioural/soft skills
  4. Interactive Sessions – with Guest speakers who are domain experts
Upskilling infographic | Acuver Consulting

Confluence-The Knowledge Enabler Series

This is Acuver’s online brewery of actionable discussions. It’s a platform where our people share thoughts, exchange notes, and actively contribute to ongoing, diverse discussions. The intention behind this community is to foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment where employees at all levels share their thoughts and learn with a larger audience.

Thought Leadership Forums:

We regularly conduct ideation sessions to identify problem statements, innovate at grass root level, brainstorm ideas/problems and make innovation pitches. This has helped our people to come out of their comfort zones and contribute to futuristic solutions and sustainability.

Book review with CEO:

Acuver holds regular group discussions where senior leaders get together to talk about different philosophies and ideas, from popular books, that can be applied in day-to-day operations. These sessions cover a wide range of topics and are aimed at bringing out wonderful insights on how to be an effective leader, how to manage a business, and how to advance one’s career.

Make mentoring a company value:

Mentoring employees contributes to an individual’s development. Mentoring helps in upskilling, reskilling and increasing the knowledge base. At Acuver, we introduced a new program where top participants from every training gets into one-to-one discussion with the mentor of their choice.

Author: Ashmeet Kaur

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