Ops Room

Monitor, Manage, Automate & Optimize End-to-End Fulfilment

Modern-day supply chains are highly complex and dynamic, and require highly degree of visibility and vigilance to ensure profitability and consistent customer experience. Acuver’s Ops room, built on top of the IBM Sterling Solution, enables predictability, agility, sustainability and traceability into fulfilment operations while empowering business users to collaborate and perform better. 

Acuver Sub opsRoom


Plug & Play

Easy to implement and fits-in with existing applications without disrupting ongoing operations 


Highly customizable dashboard displays the status and KPIs for selectable pipelines

Infra Health

Pre-emptive insights on underlying infrastructure health, allowing potential issue resolution ahead of time 

Active Error

Keyword search based simplified access for errors and exceptions across application logs. 

Dynamic Exception Management

Rule-based automatic reprocessing of exceptions eliminating any manual intervention 


Real-time alerts on monitored rule breach through pre-set messaging channels such as, JIRA, Slack and email


By real-time monitoring of supply chain nodes across lifecycleOpsRoom highlights anomalies in time and suggests viable remedies. Automation of repetitive tasks and user-centric insights aid businesses in enhancing operations for growth and sustainability.  

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Proactive Visibility

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Reduced Manual Intervention

Improved Availability

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Seamless Operations