Resurgence: Redesigning Retail & Supply-Chains for the Post-COVID World

Together, we are stronger

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only an enormous crisis but also a pervasive restructuring of our lives, individual and collective. A connected world accelerates the reach of a contagion but also responds with multitudes of narratives of resilience to fortify the collective. The cries of despair are loud, but louder are the strategies and solutions being pooled in from across the world.

Organizations are rapidly shifting to remote and cloud paradigms to enable productivity and collaboration from distance. Previously commonplace apprehensions about virtual experiences quickly subsided as businesses re-calibrated operations and delivery amidst the lockdown. Even as most parts of the world begin unlocking, our DNA has begun mutating to ensure safety in the post-COVID new normal.

Despite the shock, progress is evident – the wait for a vaccine will be much shorter than one would extrapolate from past examples. There is a keen sense of positivity in people and businesses marching on to recovery and a drive to rise up to the challenge of doing better than before.


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