Beginning from within: Empowering women and leading the change

At the outset, Acuver tackles the challenge of post-partum leave with a culture where no questions are asked regarding location of working and there is no room for a doubt. The company provides its women employees with the unarguable liberty of flexibility, regarded that targets and deadlines are met. The same flexibility applies across the organization. This gender equality and diversity enables everyone to give their best while maintaining organizational productivity as well.

Divya Ravi, Managing Consultant at Acuver, shares an intimate connection with Acuver in comparison to the other companies she has worked in. The working mother who has been in the organization for over 5 years, adds, “The best part about Acuver is that it helped me do justice to my role as a mother and a professional. Acuver ensured a balance between my assignments and personal life when I gave birth to my second child. They helped me attain this balance without creating a dip in my learning curve. Clients have in fact reverted in appreciation of the quality of work and experience that I bring to the table.”

– Divya Ravi, Managing Consultant

Accommodative approach to training

Apart from harnessing a sensitive and friendly workplace environment for women, Acuver goes a step further in nurturing their growth. For instance, if a woman is trained in a certain technology and wants to upgrade her skills, Acuver takes a responsible and proactive approach to enable growth through training programmes. As a result, women feel secure within the organization, even while remote working, because they have no qualms about their growth being hampered by this arrangement.

Sahana Rao, Associate Manager in the Human Resource Department, says “Acuver has become my family, in the true sense of the word. Their accommodative nature and flexibility make me strive to give my best each day as I feel elated to see so many women working in demanding positions with equal opportunities.”

– Sahana Rao, Associate Manager

Each organization naturally mirrors the values, perspectives, and opinions of its leaders and founder. Acuver’s Founder Sunny Nandwani is known for his efforts to develop a gender diverse and equal work culture at the organization. He says, “When an individual establishes a venture, it is termed as his/her ‘brainchild’. I take the connotation seriously and continue to strengthen the deep connection I have formed with all members of Acuver. In order to build any successful organization, there must be mutual respect and compassion among each member with no barriers whatsoever. This is why I accommodate and prioritize effective recruitment and retention strategies to enhance women representation. In this era of liberty, justice, and feminism, organizations that adapt to the change without being immune to the needs of every person in the larger context, are the ones who will truly reach newer heights.”

– Sunny Nandwani, Founder – Acuver

In conclusion

The work culture at Acuver has been rightfully summarized as a ‘family’ by several women employees. Families not only encourage during the highs of life, but also support each other in times of need. Acuver does just that by forging strong familial bonds while creating an environment that is conducive to the development of an individual and thus the organization as well.

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