Customer Experience – How to set it right?

The last 5 years have proved to be a transcendental era for consumer internet in the digital world. Since E-commerce biggies prioritized user-ratings, high-ticket products started selling. As a result, recommendations got filtered and ratings started getting influenced by personal circumstances (customer experience). With this digitization, the Internet soon became the place where the actual democratization of knowledge happened.
What changed? E-commerce, food delivery, cab-hailing, and digital payments all consequently came at the top of consumer internet pyramid, where the user’s ability to pay, evidently lies. This was a result of:
(a) The rising smartphone penetration facilitated companies to access and communicate with customers.
(b) Demographic dividend- 65% of India’s population is below 35 years of age who are active internet users.
Companies are now dealing with a more knowledgeable customer base. A transfer of power happened which directly influences big purchasing decisions. We are living in an era, where the consumer is the king. The influence on consumers is not confined to the brand image which is being projected glamorously. Instead, effective and satisfying end-to-end consumer experience that provides them with an immediate solution is what defines the image of a brand these days.

Steps to achieve seamless customer experience

A connected customer journey involves the integration of coherent marketing. 
To save the effectiveness of good consumer experience, it is necessary to pay attention to personalization. As times have evolved, a new customer service is more likely to involve multiple departments. In short, the customer expectation lies primarily in receiving the right product through the right channel and at the right moment. Since a good connected customer experience can bring game-changing consequences here organization need to follow below steps to set the customer experience right:

  • Navigating through the customer journey: Balancing inside-out touch points, products, services, and channels with outside-in customer attitude, perceptions, wants and needs can lure out a significant output of customer experience management. Navigating through entire customer experience life-cycle will help companies to deliver the right experiences to the right customers at the right times. More, understand that customer experience is different from customer opinion; many companies have developed excellent marketing strategies based on CX data.
  • Identifying your target audience: In order to rise above the noise, it is important to speak the language of the customer and to reach personas with valuable content. Companies need to answer two questions for identifying their target audience i.e.- “How do we fit in the industry?” and “What help can we offer in the current mix of consumer internet?”.

    Why identifying the target audience is important?

    1.   Target Marketing finds growth potential
    2.   It builds interest and creates a brand loyalty
    3.   Keeps companies stay competitive
    4.   It is cost-effective to refine your audience
    5.   Helps you manage your customer expectations as well
  • Wise Investments: In order to achieve higher revenue, retention, and improved CX, companies should invest in improvising consumer experiences across the life cycle. Focusing on improving experiences, across the entire journey i.e. from prospect to the customer that span the entire journey stages and channels, along with improvising specific experiences like email, websites, mobile and social media, would help companies achieve broader goals.

    Straight benefits of Wise Investments:

    1.  Faster top-line growth for experience-driven businesses.
    2. Attracting wise customers
    3. Winning, Engaging and Retaining customers
    4. Improved dynamics of employee engagements

What as an organization you should do?  

It’s time to start creating an experiential customer journey.  The steps mentioned above will guide you down the path to deliver a great customer experience by creating an experiential customer journey. An impact that persuades your customer to come back.  A reason for your customer to recommend your organization!!
And if your organization needs an expert in getting started or executing your customer experience strategy, don’t worry. Contact us (Email: ). For more details visit us at  We will help you build a trusted relationship with your customers.

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