Kratika Sharma – Journey to becoming an Acuverite

Acuver is only as great as its people. We are thrilled to bring you these stories of Acuverite and their saga at Acuver. Kratika Sharma joined Acuver as an intern, following her commendable performance, she was absorbed by Acuver. Join us in this conversation with Kratika as she shares insights about her experience with Acuver.

  • Hi! Do tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Kratika Sharma and I work as Associate Consultant at Acuver Consulting Pvt. Ltd. I kick-started my IT career as an intern with Acuver, which I must add, is one of my best decisions in life! I hail from Bhopal where I completed my engineering degree in IT. I moved to Bangalore two years ago and have been with Acuver for one and half years now.

  • How did your journey at Acuver begin, and what led you to choose Acuver?

It all began with a call from an HR recruiter. I did some research into Acuver and particularly looked into what technologies they were involved with. My core compatibilities matched the skill requirement at Acuver and I was keen to get on-board knowing that start-ups offer a better career trajectory compared top most MNCs.

  • What’s a day at work like?

My role revolves around QA and day-to-day tasks include executing test cases, logging defects, and documenting the process. My team and manager get together to plan every day, and we organise projects into sub-tasks. As a team, we talk often to brainstorm issues and learn from everyone’s perspective. We review our day’s learnings, challenges, and wins and I go back home with a sense of accomplishment.

  • What motivates you to come to work every day?

Knowing that I achieve something and grow each day motivates me to do a good job! There’s no doubt that hard work and perseverance pay-off in professional success. I find that aligning the company’s vision and values with my own is a great way to achieve momentum. When I am certain that my efforts are going the right way, I am kicked to push harder – to go all the way. For me, success is important, both at a personal level and an organizational level.

Besides, I am immensely interested in learning new things, and learning never stops at Acuver. I find gratification in completing difficult projects, spotting errors with a hawk’s eye, and the feeling of belonging in the team.

  • Is your work challenging, and how do you resolve challenges at Acuver?

Challenges are a must-have if you look at them as opportunities. For QA teams, challenges are an integral part of their work. We often run into scenarios where there are multiple test cases to be run and we must choose priorities. At Acuver, no matter the problem, the solution begins with communication. Our approach to navigating complexities involves strategic discussions and collaboration between development, QA, and business teams; and putting ourselves in the shoes of the end-customer.

  • Has working at Acuver changed or improved anything in you?

As my first job, Acuver gave me exposure to scenarios that one is unlikely to encounter as a beginner. I have had the opportunity to solve real-world problems and quickly gone from a newbie to having executed successful projects. It would be fair to say that in just 1.5 years here I have gained experience worth 3 years. I learned how to make the most out of given resources at any point in time and how to ask the right questions to accelerate my learning. These traits have improved my overall personality as a professional as well as an individual.

  • Does working at Acuver align with your life goals? How so?

Nowadays, most folks in our industry are ambitious and they look for more than big bucks from a job. I wanted my career to be growth-oriented right from the start and Acuver has enabled this. I am allocated diverse responsibilities and this is helping me develop transferable cross-industry skills. It’s an interesting and challenging environment that helps me stay sharp. There is a culture of always communicating here – I am always aware of what I would learn at the end of the day. Most importantly, my journey here is not random but designed, and I get to have a say in where I want to go. I highly appreciate having control over my job and having the certainty of growth when I do well. I feel fortunate to have all this at the onset of my career.

  • How do you balance work with your personal life?

I love dancing and playing chess. Being happy at work makes that I have the energy for my hobbies, and enjoying my hobbies gives me cheerfulness to take back to work. It’s a two-way street! Acuver insists that employees take care of themselves beyond work and allows small freedoms that make a huge difference. There are no rigid timings here if something comes up that keeps me from being at the office, I can log in from home. As long as I make sure my task is done right and on time, I have the freedom to do it from anywhere.

  • What’s your take on the people and culture at Acuver?

Acuver has a collaborative rather than a competitive culture. Boy, am I glad that there’s none of that anecdotal office politics here! We know that if we win, it’s everyone’s victory and the fact that all contributions are acknowledged keeps everyone driven to do their best. I have got to talk to almost everyone at Acuver, and we get along fabulously. I have made some good friends here and we sometimes hang out after work.

  • What are your favorite things about working at Acuver? Would you recommend others to work here?

On top of the list, my favorite things about Acuver are flexible working hours, the ability to work from home, and an atmosphere that promotes learning.

For sure, I’d recommend others to work at Acuver. I quiet love it here and am glad to have chosen Acuver as the launch pad of my career. If you are ambitious and raring to go, this is the place for you!

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