Revolutionizing Retail: Unlock Tomorrow’s Potential with IBM and Acuver in APAC – Edition 1

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In the dynamic landscape of the Asia-Pacific retail sector, the need for a revolution is evident. As consumer expectations evolve, embracing cutting-edge solutions becomes imperative. Explore how the partnership between IBM Sterling Order Management System (OMS) and Acuver is set to redefine the retail narrative, offering unparalleled advancements and unlocking tomorrow’s potential.

In the first edition of this blog series, we will delve into the nuances of the marketplace and how it shapes choices of retailers. We will also talk about how retailers can make sense of the retail innovation and make informed choices while selecting their ideal order management system solutions.

It all starts with Consumers

Today’s consumer is spoilt with choices and customized offers that cater to each individual consumer’s preferences. While retailers are adapting to these evolving expectations, the game changer here is the one business which can, proactively, shape customer expectations rather than reacting to them. And at the heart of meeting these dynamic expectations lies an efficient and reliable order management system. Some say this a distant aspiration for retailers. But, is it really?

Given the changes in the marketplace and factors such as the modern retail value proposition and technology, the historical 4 Ps of retail success have given way to the 4 Cs:

  • Consistency across channels
  • Content and information to make informed decisions
  • Convenience in how they buy, receive, and obtain customer service
  • Contextual, relevant, and personalized interactions

One can say that, today, successful retailers don’t have to be great at everything. They just need to pick what actually matters to their customers and hone it. This brings up a challenging question – which capabilities should retailers invest in?

Stay with us.

Sales Cycle and Tailored Solutions

A sales cycle goes through varied lengths and complexities that are affected by factors such as required use cases, size of the customer’s organization, the industry it operates in. And an order management system is a critical component that supports and enhances various stages of the sales cycle, ensuring seamless and efficient order processing from initiation to closure.

Sales Cycle and Tailored Solutions | Infographic

In this context, the partnership between a retailer, an OMS service provider along with its project implementation partner is a collaborative effort to tailor, deploy, and maintain an effective order management system that aligns with the retailer’s business goals and operational needs.

Take the case of IBM Sterling OMS solution where we have extensive project implementation experience. Acuver and IBM work very closely with customers to ensure that this solution is configured and implemented to meet their specific business needs. We understand the specific challenges and requirements to identify pain points, current systems in use, and business goals. This helps us provide our clients with customized features, benefits, case studies, and how the solution can address its unique requirements. Many a times, IBM Sterling OMS can be deployed on containers, in a variety of hybrid cloud configurations, on-premises, and even into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This shortens the sales cycle by adjusting to the prospect’s deployment needs

Key Features Aligning with Business Requirements

Business Requirements
IBM Sterling OMS Feature
Manage a single pool of inventory (online/offline) across multiple channels and geographies. Maintain real-time visibility across the entire supply chain to prevent stock-out and over promised scenarios.
Inventory visibility – Robust inventory management capabilities that allows inventory levels tracking, efficient inventory allocation, and safety stock levels maintenance. Added levers from business and operations to make dynamic changes
A centralized system that captures and processes customer orders from various channels including e-commerce, call centres, POS and marketplaces.
Order Capture – Integrates orders from multiple platforms like e-commerce, stores and marketplaces into a central system.
Optimize order routing and take smart fulfilment decisions to meet delivery time and cost. Consolidate international shipping for minimized costs.
Order Orchestration – Intelligent routing of orders to appropriate fulfilment centres/stores based on factors like inventory availability, location, and shipping costs. Analyze and simulate orders and business scenarios for a balanced and improved capacity.
Support store employees with omnichannel services for fulfilment
Store Engagement – A plug in solution that can also be customized to meet the unique requirements of the customer.

A typical solution structure incorporating inventory management, order capture, orchestration, and omnichannel capabilities involves integrating various components to create a seamless and efficient system.

This integrated solution structure aims to create a cohesive ecosystem that enhances the customer experience, optimizes inventory management, and improves operational efficiency across various sales channels.

Fulfilling Tomorrow's Retail Promise: The Power of IBM Sterling OMS and Acuver in APAC

In conclusion, the collaboration between IBM Sterling OMS and Acuver marks a transformative chapter in APAC’s retail journey. By harnessing innovative solutions, this partnership not only meets the current demands but propels the retail industry into a future defined by efficiency, agility, and enhanced customer experiences.

In the second edition of the blog, we will talk about the challenges in OMS implementation and how leveraging IBM Sterling OMS helps address those challenges.

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