Revolutionizing Retail: Unlock Tomorrow’s Potential with IBM and Acuver in APAC – Edition 2

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The first edition of this blog series unveiled the strategies, innovations, and technological marvels that promise to revolutionize retail, shaping a future of unparalleled possibilities and growth in this transformative collaboration. In the second edition of the blog, we will explore how IBM Sterling OMS, coupled with Acuver’s expertise, tackles these challenges to unlock unprecedented potential in the retail sphere.

Navigating through varying market nuances, technological infrastructures, and consumer expectations is crucial in diverse and dynamic landscape of APAC. Let’s delve into the challenges retail enterprises face when implementing OMS and the innovative solutions poised to unlock unprecedented potential and redefine the future of retail through the collaborative endeavour of IBM Sterling OMS and Acuver.

Challenges Encountered in Project Implementation

Implementing any order management system can be a complex endeavour. Organizations often face challenges, both technical and managerial, throughout its implementation phase. Some of the challenges include:

Integration Complexity

The integration of an order management system with established systems such as ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms may pose challenges attributed to variations in data structures, protocols, and APIs. Achieving a smooth data flow and implementing real-time updates can present technical complexities. This is why Acuver introduced its proprietary middleware – Aekyam – an intelligent middleware with pre built connectors to leading carriers, marketplaces, ecommerces and SAP system. Building any new integration is a matter of hours using this product. 

Data Migration

Another hurdle was the migration of historical order and inventory data into the order management system while preserving data integrity and consistency. This process often entails data cleansing, transformation, and validation. Acuver has developed a data migration factory specifically designed to tackle this challenge. We adopted a phased approach, migrating data in batches prior to the go-live date, and ensured that only a restricted set of in-flight orders required migration on the actual day of implementation.

Customization and Configuration

Striking a balance between customization to fit particular business processes and preventing undue complexity can pose challenges. Excessive customization may result in elevated maintenance costs and complications during future upgrades. Collaborating with the customer in an advisory capacity, we aimed to deliver industry-standard solutions, minimizing the necessity for customization and maintaining an out-of-the-box solution.

Project Governance

Lack of effective governance causes bottlenecks in decision-making leading to project delays. In such cases, we have found that a governance team comprising of senior executives from both sides helps resolve dependencies and keep the project on track.

Benefits of IBM Sterling OMS Implementation

Benefits of IBM Sterling OMS Implementation

Apart from numerous other benefits, we’ve seen retailers reaping significant benefits from the IBM Sterling suite of solutions in our experience as a trusted partner of IBM, including:

  • Real time data-driven decision and higher accuracy by employing business logic to gather accurate ATS calculations with a real-time Availability Monitor. This can be instantaneously published to multiple selling channels.
  • Increase in process efficiency with Zero manual intervention.
  • Conversion of stores into Omnichannel stores by activating ship from store, click and collect and return at store features.

Expert solutions such as the IBM Sterling OMS requires equally skilled implementation to unlock its full potential, ensuring seamless integration and optimal utilization. The expertise in execution should complement the proficiency of the provided services to foster successful outcomes in complex scenarios. Hence, Acuver.

Be it implementation or maintenance or even upgrades, Acuver helps implement the IBM Sterling suite of OMS solutions to fulfil requirements that are based on each customer’s unique positioning. Leveraging IBM Sterling suite of OMS solutions and Acuver’s expertise, a Singapore based retailer enabled:      

  • Inventory visibility & centralized order management in 37 countries
  • 70% reduction in order fulfilment turnaround time
  • Order cancellation reduction by 2% with accurate delivery date promising and adherence to it

Future of IBM Sterling OMS in APAC

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) retail market has been increasingly receptive to Order Management Systems (OMS) in the context of evolving e-commerce and retail landscapes. Some notable trends and reactions include its e-commerce growth, omnichannel strategies, supply chain optimization, integration with emerging technologies such as AI and ML, focus on customer experience, cross-border e-commerce challenges and adoption by diverse industries. 

However, the APAC retail marketplace also faces persistent challenges, including adapting to contactless order fulfilment and meeting complex customer expectations. With increased supply chain intricacies and disruptions, businesses struggle to adjust quickly. IBM’s Sterling Order Management Solution (OMS) addresses these challenges by providing real-time inventory visibility, order tracking, and automation of fulfilment processes. It ensures order fulfilment, minimizes backorders, and offers accurate promise dates while also simplifying order orchestration, unifying sourcing options, and monitors key performance indicators. Notably, IBM Sterling’s OMS introduced the ‘Out of Place Inventory’ KPI, aiding retailers in optimizing inventory for improved profitability. 

Why choose IBM Sterling OMS?

The IBM Sterling Order Management System (OMS) solution is a complete and comprehensive order management solution. It provides vast capabilities that can be used within different industries. It works with clients’ existing systems and provides a centralized, scalable, real-time view of inventory and demand.

Empowering Seamless Experiences: The Impact of Next-Gen Order Management

The objective of a next-generation order management solution is to empower clients in delivering a unified and consistent customer experience through a centralized commerce solution. This affords clients a singular perspective for order management, offering real-time inventory visibility irrespective of the customer’s chosen channel. Through a comprehensive omni-channel order fulfilment platform, IBM clients can adeptly supply products and services in a timely manner, facilitating affirmative responses to customer needs and ensuring fulfilment of delivery commitments.

Order management is more than just a cost management tool; it improves top-line revenue through an accurate inventory promise, better inventory visibility, and letting shoppers know how easy it is to get products.

Watch our webinar to know more where Ritesh Amin, Supply Chain SME – APAC, and Krishna Raj Kodoth, Director, Business Development, Acuver Consulting dive deep into inspiring success stories, dissecting key insights to navigate the evolving landscape to uncover the secrets of retail triumph in APAC region. Get in touch with us today and simplify your operations with our top-notch Order Management Services!

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